Aquarium Drunkard Survey’s Jesse Jacobs

Posted on Mar 9, 2020 in Blog

Aquarium Drunkard surveys the lysergic literary oeuvre of Jesse Jacobs. 

“Probably, each of Jesse Jacobs’s five creations are comic books, though their standalone natures (and hifalutin levels of creativity) suggest they might be called “graphic novellas” or some such. Whatever their genre or format, each is a standalone bit of delicious storytelling that takes–for this reader, anyway–roughly the length of an album to intake, at least for the first time…Passing by with the effortless ease of self-contained storytelling in any medium, there’s plenty to return to later in all of them.” — Jesse Jarnow, Aquarium Drunkard, 6 March 2020

Check out the entire overview here!