Posted on Feb 4, 2020 in Blog

The Comics Journal reviews Connor Willumsen’s Bradley of Him, which they declare “manifestly the work of a genius”.

“Bradley of Him, unlike a crushing majority of its medium, takes as its subject matter the kind of stuff we’re constantly inured to treat with import. Celebrities, extreme athletic feats, big-budget entertainment products, and ostentatious leisure combine into a book that manages a legitimate dialogue with the world around it, attempting and succeeding at something most comics abdicate completely.” — Matt Seneca, The Comics Journal

Read the whole insightful review here!

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Broken Frontier reviews Ben Passmore’s gridiron graphic novel Sports Is Hell.

“Amid the story’s chaos and the exhausting noise of politics today, Sports Is Hell provides an unexpected clarity on the complex schisms of modern American culture while serving up a ton of laughs.” — Moe Abbas, Broken Frontier

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Wisconsin Public Radio reviews Ben Passmore’s “fable of societal breakdown” Sports Is Hell.

“This tale is a myth without a moral — which makes it a dead-on parody of the good-and-evil, triumph-and-tragedy narratives fostered by organized sports.” — Etelka Lehoczky, Wisconsin Public Radio

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