Fata Morgana and Michael DeForge on Crunchyroll

Posted on Dec 31, 2013 in Blog


The writers at Crunchyroll News, the entertainment news component of the preeminent anime streaming service, have picked their favourites of 2013. Jon Vermilyea’s Fata Morgana and the comics of Michael DeForge have made their list.

On Fata Morgana

“Koyama Press published a real gem in Fata Morgana. Jon Vermilyea’s illustrative journey of a boy’s playfully wild imagination is like a psychedelic Little Nemo, and it’s a book any age group can get into.” — Joseph Luster, Crunchyroll News

On Michael DeForge

“Just like a ton of other people, I’m pretty much picking up everything I can by Michael DeForge.” — Joseph Luster, Crunchyroll News

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