Fata Morgana Reviewed

Posted on Mar 5, 2014 in Blog


Jon Vermilyea’s psychotropic sojourn in slumberland, Fata Morgana has been reviewed by The Comics Journal and Broken Frontier.

“And yet what separates Fata Morgana from a century of stories a bit like it — Little Nemo and much of Sendak, and more recently Matt Furie’s lovely Night Riders — is that it seems less aimed for those readers still in the midst of childhood and more for those remembering it.” — George Elkind, The Comics Journal

“All-ages in the true definition — a layered book that will appeal to both kids and adults on different levels — Fata Morgana will not just introduce the uninitiated to the fevered imagination of Jon Vermilyea but is also a wonderful example of the eclectic output of Koyama Press. An entrancing, psychedelic tour de force!” — Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier