Koyama Press at TCAF 2014

Posted on May 6, 2014 in Blog


TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) is just four sleeps away and Koyama Press is going to be at tables 131-133 (our semi-traditional elevator bunker location) with a number of new books debuting and artists signing! Check out the full list of Koyama Press related debuts, singings and programming on tap for our hometown show below.


Cat Person by Seo Kim
Highly relatable and hilarious, Seo Kim’s comics about life, love and the foibles of feline companionship will leave you reeling.

A Body Beneath by Michael DeForge
David Cronenberg meets Charles Schulz in this collection of Michael DeForge’s award-winning one-person anthology series Lose.

Safari Honeymoon by Jesse Jacobs
A pair of newlyweds honeymoon in a truly exotic location as they delve deep into a mysterious forest and themselves.


100 Crushes by Elisha Lim *limited release!
A ground-breaking collection of interviews, memoirs and gossip from a queer international vanguard of gender, race and beauty.


Saturday, May 10

10AM-12PM: Jesse Jacobs & Elisha Lim
12-1:30PM: Jon Vermilyea
12-2PM: Seo Kim
1:30-2:30PM: Michael DeForge
2-4:00PM: Jesse Jacobs
2:30-4PM: Jon Vermilyea
4-5PM: Michael DeForge & Seo Kim

Sunday, May 11

11AM-1PM: Jesse Jacobs & Seo Kim
1-3PM: Michael DeForge & Jon Vermilyea
3-5PM: Elisha Lim & Seo Kim


Saturday, May 10

10-11AM: Britt Wilson: TCAF Draw-Off Part ! @ The Marriott
12:15-1:15PM: Michael DeForge & Friends @ The Marriott
1-2PM: CND Reading Series: Maurice Vellekoop & Elisha Lim @ Novella Room
2:45-3:45PM: Michael DeForge: Contemporary Erotic Comics @ The Pilot
4-5PM: Elisha Lim: Queering Comics @ The Pilot
7-10PM: Elisha Lim: Queer Mixer @ Buddies and Bad Times

Sunday, May 11

11:15AM-12:15PM: The New Small Press @ The Pilot
12-15-12:45PM: Kids Programming Britt Wilson and John Martz! @ Beeton Auditorium
2:45-3:45PM: Britt Wilson & John Martz: Kids Fall GN Preview @ The Marriott
4-5PM: Michael DeForge: Adventure Time @ The Marriott

TCAF poster by Michael DeForge!