Koyama Press Recent Publicity Parade!

Posted on Jan 16, 2020 in Blog

Paste has rounded up the 100 best horror comics of all time and Jesse Jacobs’ squirming Safari Honeymoon makes the collection of creepy comics!

“Worms, infections and tongue-replacing parasites abound in this graphic novel-and, once you’ve read it, in your subconscious as well.” — Tobias Carroll, Paste

Check out the entire haunted hundo here!
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Sequential continues to present best of the decade lists and this time it is Candida Rifkind’s turn to pick the best Canuck comics of the tens and GG’s I’m Not Here makes the list!

“GG has a signature style utterly unique, at least in Canadian indie comics: highly cinematic and influenced by graphic design’s attention to the placement of shapes and use of negative space and shadows within each frame, such that the images become at once minimal and hyper-realistic.” — Candida Rifkind, Sequential

Check out the entire list here!