Koyama Press Titles in Your Days Are Numbered

Posted on Dec 5, 2013 in Blog

The most recent issue of the UK-based independent graphic fiction magazine Your Days Are Numbered includes an interview with Alex Schubert as well as reviews of his Blobby Boys and Michael DeForge’s Very Casual.

On Blobby Boys:

“Alex Schubert’s blend of flat colour and surrealism has a familiar look at first glance, and the subjects that crop up in Blobby Boys — the exploits across the music scene of the eponymous band of slime-based rockers, targeting wannabe hipster and sci-fi body horror — have all cropped in comics before, but what sets Schubert’s work apart is his distinct tone and styling.” — Steven Walsh, Your Days Are Numbered 7

On Very Casual:

“DeForge specialises in short pieces in which he creates a vivid world or scenario in a remarkably short space of time, and then proceeds to disconcert the reader with dizzying forms and concepts.” — Steven Walsh, Your Days Are Numbered 7

Read the whole issue here!