LEPOS: The Primary Invasion

Posted on Mar 6, 2014 in Blog


Diego Bergia’s LEPOS project defies easy categorization. Spanning multiple genres and media, the story of a lost alien named LEPOS trying to evade his primary colour wielding pursuers is a street art epic that is global in scope. In 2010, we released The LEPOS Bible, which provided an accounting of Bergia’s project from its earliest wheatpaste beginnings in 2004. The pocket-sized book is packed with street photos, testimonials, writing, sketches, and jail stories. It is a beautiful object that captures an oft intangible work.

A book about a project this unique, deserved a unique launch, and so LEPOS: The Primary Invasion was born. What transpired over three days at Magic Pony in Toronto was a form of revisionist and fanciful history that imagined a world where Koyama Press was Koyama Games. In 1995 Koyama Games built a prototype arcade machine that never made it to production. Its star? LEPOS.

Replete with faux arcade tokens, SNES box art and a full-blown arcade cabinet, LEPOS: The Primary Invasion was a look at a time that never was, but will always be remembered fondly.

The LEPOS Bible is still in print and Bergia is still hard at work on making LEPOS arcade project a reality. Check out the book here and Bergia’s project blog here.

Photos: Diego Bergia


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