Lose #5 and Very Casual on CBR Top Ten of the Year

Posted on Dec 24, 2013 in Blog


Not one, but two Michael DeForge books have made it on to Timothy Callahan’s list of the Ten Best Comics of the Year at Comic Book Resources.

On Lose #5 

“One issue of this series comes out each year, and I don’t know if #5 is the best one yet, because I think they are all pretty great, but I know that even after expecting only amazing things from Michael DeForge, he continues to surprise me.” — Timothy Callahan, Comic Book Resources

On Very Casual

“The guy is more than just a dabbler. He’s a mad scientist of comics … Michael DeForge makes comics. We get to read them. It’s an ideal relationship, really.” — Timothy Callahan, Comic Book Resources

Click here to head on over to “When Worlds Collide” at Comic Book Resources to read the whole list.