Page 45 Reviews!

Posted on Sep 6, 2018 in Blog

Page 45 reviews three of our titles: Fiona Smyth’s Somnambulance , Michael DeForge’s A Western World, and Jessica Campbell’s XTC69.

On Somnambulance

“Based out of Toronto this kaleidoscope black and white collection of shorts, oddities and err…short oddities…certainly made sure I knew what she was all about by the time I completed it.” — JR, Page 45

On A Western World

“I suspect all but the most ardent and on-point DeForge fans, especially given the spotty availability and small print runs of much of his periodical output, there were probably about half the tales in this collection which I hadn’t read before. So, even if you have some of this material already, the collection is still very much worth picking up.” — JR, Page 45

On XTC69

“And you will eventually get all the answers in this ribald and ridiculous space burlesque. Just don’t expect any hard sci-fi along the way. Lots of laughs and poking fun at Incels for sure, though, which is never a bad thing.” — JR, Page 45

Read all three reviews here!

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