Small Press Expo!

Posted on Sep 7, 2017 in Blog

Small Press Expo (SPX Tables M1-2)

16–17 September 2017 |16 September: 11AM–7PM and 17 September: 12–6PM at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, Bethesda, MD
Visit the Small Press Expo website for further details

We are hurtling towards SPX and the start of our Fall season like a massive solar flare heading toward earth. Our Fall season has five artists that are making their debut with us and one who has been with us since very near the beginning. It is emblematic of our press and a wonderful way to round out our 10th anniversary.

Leading off the season is Connor Willumsen’s Anti-Gonea quixotic and trippy trip through a dreamscape, or altered state, where animals can talk and be pets, where drugs can give you deep emotional reactions to any stimuli, can make you remember or forget, or replicate a near death experience. Patrick Kyle returns with his third book with us, Everywhere Disappearedwhich finds familiar icons like Dracula and Archie are put through the prismatic mind of Kyle. They are turned inside out and used to great effect to skewer conventions and wrench humour out of the familiar. We are pumped to present the book debut of Hannah K. Lee’s comics and zines in the collection Language Barrier, which drolly dissects the life of a twenty-something woman with wonderful wit and incredible skill. Lee’s graphic design, illustration and typographical background makes each page of this book feel monumental, poster-like paeans to dating, spending above your means and texting. Hannah is also a special guest at SPX this year. Former Google doodler, Sophia Foster-Dimino was inspired by Koyama Press artists Eleanor Davis and Julie Delporte, to make Sex Fantasy, a look at life’s intimate moments, sometimes directly with autobio, and sometimes indirectly through wonderfully poetic comics that can be heartwarming or a chuckle-inducing gag depending on the page. Next up is the singular Noel Freibert whose images linger, their deceptive simplicity, like all outsider art, seems to tap directly into the collective unconscious, drawing on pop culture and fine art, low and high brow, Old Ground is where the denizens of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse would bury bodies. Finally we have the debut of Alberta-based artist GG with I’m Not Here, a subtle, beautifully drawn work that recalls the cerebral, humanist science fiction of filmmakers such as Chris Marker and Miranda July mixed with the generational themes and unwavering hand of Yasujiro Ozu. GG’s comics recall films in more than theme alone: her drawings, with their deep chiaroscuro and subtitle-like use of text, appear to be stills pulled from an enchanting and mysterious foreign film.

All of our Fall artists, with the exception of GG, will be appearing at our tables during SPX, as well as Michael DeForge and special guest Eleanor Davis! Moreover, our artists are participating in panels and programming, and we will have a bunch of backlist and super cool 10th anniversary swag and goodies, so stop on by wontcha?