Very Casual and Lose #5 Reviewed by The Comics Journal

Posted on May 17, 2013 in Blog


Very Casual (9780987963079 | May 2013 | $15.00 | Trade Paper) and Lose #5 (9780987963062 | June 2013 | $8.00 | Trade Paper) by Michael DeForge are reviewed by Tucker Stone at The Comics Journal.

“His [DeForge’s] newest releases–a collection of convention minis and other short run one-offs called Very Casual, and the fifth issue of whatever-he feels-like Lose series–is exactly what one arrogantly screeches all cartoonists should be doing all the time: great, unique comics that only that individual could make that are a little better than their previous work, hearty and head-rushing experiences that plainly demand attention and then reward it easily.” — Tucker Stone, The Comics Journal, May 17, 2013

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