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Posted on Feb 3, 2020 in Blog

Library Journal has a starred review of Ben Passmore’s timely and trenchant Sports Is Hell.

“A lacerating, darkly hilarious howl against racism, sports fandom, and tribalism in general by an artist with a distinct and necessary vision.” — Thomas L. Batten, Library Journal

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The Comics Journal has an analysis of Connor Willumsen’s “bravura” Bradley of Him.

“There is an audacity at work, earned by Willumsen’s drawing skill, that is spent on undermining traditional expectations of narrative or what it makes sense to make a comic about.” — Brian Nicholson, The Comics Journal

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Broken Frontier reviews GG’s quiet, but powerful Constantly.

“In Constantly, Canadian artist GG brings craft and insight to an intimate vignette of depression and anxiety.” — Tom Murphy, Broken Frontier

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On High-Low Rob Clough extends his top twenty comics of the decade to seventy-five and includes the Koyama Press publications Julia Wertz’s The Infinite Wait and Other Stories, Sophia Foster-Dimino’s Sex Fantasy and Daryl Seitchik’s Exits. Check out the entire list right here!

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Multiversity reviews Ben Passmore’s Sports Is Hell.

“[E]very moment in Sports Is Hell is a loaded metaphor for race relations in America, and they’re all laid out easily and deeply.” — Justin McGuire, Multiversity

Read the full review here!