RAT TIME Reviewed by Broken Frontier

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Broken Frontier reviews Keiler Roberts’ “remarkable compilation of autobio comics” Rat Time.

“With a quiet authority she can imbue the seemingly trivial with a universal profoundness; life’s quieter moments having an echoing resonance that we can all identify with. Because in a Keiler Roberts book the richness of the human experience is embedded in the very minutiae of existence.” — Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

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PopMatters reviews Connor Willumsen’s “engagingly idiosyncratic” Bradley of Him.

“The world is a confusing place. A comic about a confusing world should be confusing too.” — Chris Gavaler, PopMatters

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STUNT and RAT TIME are Staff Picks!

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Broken Frontier has selected their weekly staff picks and this week Michael DeForge’s Stunt and Keiler Roberts’ Rat Time make the list!

On Stunt

“Themes of fame, celebrity and identity are all wrapped up in the pages of Michael DeForge’s new Koyama Press book Stunt with its unconventional physicality adding an extra enticement for readers who enjoy interacting with alternative storytelling formats.” — Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

On Rat Time

“With a dry wit and a propensity for imbuing life’s quieter moments with a profound connectivity, Roberts’ self-deprecating and candid comics are always worth revisiting.” — Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

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Rave Reviews for RAT TIME

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The Comics Beat has a review of Keiler Roberts’ Rat Time and the A.V. Club has a long form look at Keiler’s career proclaiming her “one of comics’ preeminent humourists.”

From The Comics Beat

Rat Time shifts from a moment spent with pet rats to a moment spent with the creatures in your mind, examining, relating, appreciating, at whatever the pace.” — John Seven, The Comics Beat

From The A.V. Club

“For the last three years, Koyama Press has released an annual collection of Roberts’ diary comics: SunburningChlorine Gardens, and this year’s Rat Time. Each year these are some of the funniest comics to see print, finding humor in everyday exchanges between Roberts and her family while turning sadness and gloom into punchlines.” — Oliver Sava, The A.V. Club

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PW Reviews STUNT

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Publishers Weekly reviews Michael DeForge’s “hallucinatory graphic novella” Stunt.

“Alternately tragic, horrific, and darkly comic, this experimental work treats readers to an eye-popping dissection of identity and mass media.” — Publishers Weekly

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Stunt Reviews!!!

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The Comics Beat and Pop Matters have reviews of Michael DeForge’s doppelgänger drama Stunt.

The Comics Beat
“At its very heart, Stunt is a chilling reminder of how we lose ourselves when we strive to become the very essence of those celebrities we admire and emulate.” — Nancy Powell, The Comics Beat

“Michael DeForge’s new graphic novella…is a compelling combination of excess and restraint.” — Chris Gavaler, PopMatters

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STUNT Reviewed

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Your Chicken Enemy reviews Michael DeForge’s Stunt.

Stunt is a fitting farewell for DeForge’s work with Koyama Press. While it is a visceral, uncomfortable experience to read, DeForge’s sense of restraint never sees him overplaying his hand.“ — Rob Clough, Your Chicken Enemy

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Rat Time Review Time

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Biblioklept and Your Chicken Enemy review Keiler Roberts’ Rat Time.

“Roberts’ book is sweet without sentimentality, sour without caustic meanness, and generous to both its subjects and its readers.” — Edwin Turner, Biblioklept

“With Rat Time, Keiler Roberts has given herself permission to go all-out in an attempt to be funny, knowing that her commitment to emotional honesty and deep sincerity will keep her and her readers grounded in reality.” — Rob Clough, Your Chicken Enemy

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Rat Time Reviewed!

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Pop Matters reviews Keiler Roberts’ “curated set of vignettes” Rat Time.

“Picking up where Chlorine Gardens left off, Keiler Roberts’ graphic memoir, Rat Time, wanders artfully and unannounced into memories.” — Chris Gavaler, Pop Matters

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Stunt is a Fall Book to Look Forward To!

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Michael DeForge’s Stunt is on The Comic Beat’s list of 41 highly anticipated graphic novels of fall 2019! Check it out here!