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Koyama Press will be at the Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC) show this coming weekend. Come and check out the new books. Jessica Campbell is a guest of the show. And Dustin Harbin, Michael DeForge, and Keiler Roberts will all be making brief appearances as well. If you are coming to Columbus, be sure to check out the Koyama Press show at The Billy Ireland Cartoon & Library Museum (there’s a Mad Magazine exhibition on too!). Caitlin McGurk has done a great job in curating an eclectic collection into an amazing exhibition of work. See you there!

Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC Table 2)
27-30 September 2018 | Ohio State University and Downtown Columbus
Visit the Cartoon Crossroads Columbus website for further details

Koyama Press’ attendance at CXC is gratefully supported by the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC).

Sex Fantasy Wins an Ignatz

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Congratulations to the incredible Sophia Foster-Dimino for winning the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Collection for their book Sex Fantasy. Apologies for my (Ed) distant photo, but the room was jam-packed with the future! Check out all the winners here and congrats to all the amazing comics and cartoonists that were nominated!

Ben Sears and Dustin Harbin at Thought Bubble

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Koyama Press stalwarts Ben Sears and Dustin Harbin are crossing the pond to attend Thought Bubble! If you are within spitting distance of Leeds why not pick Ben’s brains about the minutiae of the Double+ World, or ask Dustin about Diary Comics and letterforms? Check out all the details here!

Evie on TCJ

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The Comics Journal has an exclusive preview of John Martz’s wonderfully witchy Evie and the Truth About Witches. Check it out here!

Ben Sears Podcast Appearance

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The podcast Make It Then Tell Everybody sits down with Ben Sears ahead the next legs of The Ideal Copy tour! They “chat about epiphanies, visual language and mushing up stories with your own experiences.” Listen to the whole thing here!

Evie and the Truth About Witches Previewed

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The School Library Journal blog 100 Scope Notes whittled down a whopping 142 fall releases to select the ten kids books to note coming this Fall and John Martz’s Evie and the Truth About Witches made the cut!

“Some gentle spookiness in time for Halloween.” — Travis Jonker, 100 Scope Notes

Check out the rest of the list here!

Keiler Roberts Interviewed

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The Comics Alternative podcast interviews Keiler Roberts ahead of the release of her new book Chlorine Gardens at SPX this weekend! Listen here!

A House in the Jungle Reviewed

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The Comics Beat reviews Nathan Gelgud’s “surrealist comedy fable” A House in the Jungle.

“Gelgud lets this story unfold with a precise, comical deadpan that rejects traditional paneling in favor of a more free-form flow…Each moment becomes a building block for what follows, and Gelgud peppers these depictions with some calm psychedelics to bring outwards what we couldn’t possibly see otherwise.” — John Seven, The Comics Beat

Check out Nathan’s book this weekend at SPX and read the whole review here!

The Star Reviews Brat

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The Toronto Star reviews Michael DeForge’s workout for the mind Brat.

Brat has a great deal to say about 21st century fame. Just don’t try this at home.” — Mike Donachie, The Toronto Star

Read the whole review here!

Page 45 Reviews!

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Page 45 reviews three of our titles: Fiona Smyth’s Somnambulance , Michael DeForge’s A Western World, and Jessica Campbell’s XTC69.

On Somnambulance

“Based out of Toronto this kaleidoscope black and white collection of shorts, oddities and err…short oddities…certainly made sure I knew what she was all about by the time I completed it.” — JR, Page 45

On A Western World

“I suspect all but the most ardent and on-point DeForge fans, especially given the spotty availability and small print runs of much of his periodical output, there were probably about half the tales in this collection which I hadn’t read before. So, even if you have some of this material already, the collection is still very much worth picking up.” — JR, Page 45

On XTC69

“And you will eventually get all the answers in this ribald and ridiculous space burlesque. Just don’t expect any hard sci-fi along the way. Lots of laughs and poking fun at Incels for sure, though, which is never a bad thing.” — JR, Page 45

Read all three reviews here!