PW Reviews Old Ground

Posted on Jan 15, 2018 in Blog

Publishers Weekly reviews Noel Freibert’s “gothic-psychedelic” Old Ground.

“Freibert’s curious, lively pen gives this gruesomely bleak and funny ghost story a savage bite.” — Publishers Weekly

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Hot or Not and You & A Bike & A Road Highlighted by Women Write About Comics

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Women Write About Comics
 select their small press faves of 2017 and Jessica Campbell’s Hot or Not: 20th-Century Male Artists and Eleanor Davis’ You & A Bike & A Road make their list!

On Hot or Not: 20th-Century Male Artists

Hot or Not is the best kind of feminist revenge, educational and hilarious!” — Jennie Law, Women Write About Comics, 3 January 2018

On You & A Bike & A Road 

“Ultimately, Eleanor Davis gives us a quiet reminder that women can execute big plans for themselves, push their physical limits, and come back home to their perfectly unconventional lives. This feels like a big deal in the midst of the exhausting, continuing political debates that afford us less agency than most children.” — Jennie Law, Women Write About Comics

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The Comics Beat has announced their end of the year comics industry awards and our very own Annie Koyama has been bestowed with the Icon Award! Check out all of award winners here!

Safari Honeymoon a Great Read in 2017 According to PW

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The Publishers Weekly staff selects, not the best books, but rather the best books they read in 2017 and Jesse Jacobs’ “deliriously fun” Safari Honeymoon makes their list.

“I love how the book revels in its midnight horror-style antics: it’s funny, weird, gross, and surreal. But what I love most about Safari Honeymoon is the strange yet logical world that Jacobs creates: rife with both decay and renewal, the wilderness is sort of an inverse Eden that shocks and surprises on every page.” — Gabe Habash, Publishers Weekly

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Koyama Press Titles on Art in America’s Best of the Year List

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Art in America 
selects their favourite comics of 2017 and Eleanor Davis’ You & A Bike & A Road and GG’s I’m Not Here make the list!

On You & A Bike & A Road

“Rendered in exuberant pencil and pen drawings that feel like motion itself, Davis’s book reverberates with a real sense of wonder that builds as she gets closer to home.” — Hayden Bennett, Art in America

On I’m Not Here

I’m Not Here, rendered in an opaque visual style that looks almost rotoscoped, is an attempt to grasp the world before it fades.” — Hayden Bennett, Art in America

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I’m Not Here in the News

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The Portland Mercury selects short-form comics you will love and GG’s I’m Not Here makes their list. GG’s book is also excerpted on PEN America’s site!

“The atmospheric comics of Canadian cartoonist GG have long rung the Twin Peaks/Lynchian dreamscape bell that hangs in my heart.” — Suzette Smith, The Portland Mercury

“[I’m Not Here] shows [GG’s] deft hand at combining a spare, straightforward narrative with nuanced drawings, enveloping her readers in a beguiling atmosphere of understated yearning and melancholy.” — Roby Kirby, PEN America

Check out The Portland Mercury article here and the PEN America excerpt here!


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The Comics Journal asked their contributors to pick their favourite comics of 2017 and a number of Koyama Press titles make the cut including Eleanor Davis’ You & A Bike & A Road, Connor Willumsen’s Anti-Gone, Keiler Roberts’ Sunburning, Jesse Jacobs’ Crawl Space, Eric Kostiuk Williams’ Condo Heartbreak Disco, Hannah K. Lee’s Language Barrier, Sophia Foster-Dimino’s Sex Fantasy, and Patrick Kyle’s Everywhere Disappeared.

Not all of the lists had pull quotes, but some did! Here they are:

On You & A Bike & A Road

“[Davis’] comics journal of the experience vacillates between density (in art, and in the variety of her emotions) and breathy openness.” — Walter Biggins, The Comics Journal

“Pretty much every year for the past few years, one of Eleanor Davis’ comics has been one of the year’s best.” — Brian Nicholson, The Comics Journal

“I don’t know what it is in that book. It hurls you into the road, batters you with moments and emotions and time, most of all, it batters you with a constant reminder of the passage of time, and then it slaughters you with love, and then it ends too soon. It’s such a lovely book.” — Tucker Stone, The Comics Journal

On Anti-Gone

“Book of the year for me, and probably an absolute game-changer for a generation of cartoonists about to emerge” — Brian Nicholson, The Comics Journal

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Crawl Space is One of the Year’s Best

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The Hundreds selects the best graphic novels of 2017 and Jesse Jacobs’ Crawl Space makes their list!

“It’s a wicked visual story and I still find myself flipping through it from time to time just for its ambition for telling a sci-fi teen story mostly through illustrations.” — Alex Wong, The Hundreds

Check out the entirety of the list here!

I’m Not Here Reviewed by The Comics Journal

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The Comics Journal reviews GG’s “otherworldly” I’m Not Here.

“Compositionally, I’m Not Here is a masterpiece. Every panel is a stunning image in its own right, and gg’s expert knowledge of the human figure gives every character weight and life. Students of storytelling would do well to study this book, and the careful choices gg’s made on every page.” — Carta Monir, The Comics Journal

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Broken Frontier 
has inducted their first Hall of Fame inductee and it is our very own fearless leader Annie Koyama!

“Koyama Press were the original game-changing small press micropublisher that all others since have aspired to and their influence and importance cannot be overstated. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to name Annie as our first ‘Hall of Fame’ entrant.” — Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

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