Jesse Jacobs on Dazed

Posted on Apr 23, 2018 in Blog

Dazed asked Jesse Jacobs to select some of his favourite frames from his books including Koyama Press titles By This Shall You Know HimSafari Honeymoon and Crawl Space.

“Tapping deep reservoirs of the uncanny, his art is sinister, sublime, funny and, you suspect, on first-name terms with the kind of psychedelic drugs that’ll melt your face clean off.” — Alex Denney, Dazed

Check out the frames here!

Annie Koyama on The Imposter Podcast

Posted on Apr 23, 2018 in Blog

Canadaland’s The Imposter podcast interviews Koyama Press head honcho Annie Koyama!

“I never planned to have a press. I would never name a company after myself—to this day, I’m f**king horrified by that.” — Annie Koyama, on Koyama Press

Listen to the whole thing here!

Kickass Annie by Mickey Zacchilli!

Broken Frontier Reviews Anti-Gone

Posted on Apr 19, 2018 in Blog

Broken Frontier
 reviews Anti-Gone “a voyage to the numb limits of sex, drugs and shopping” by Connor Willumsen.

“But the beauty of comics, by virtue of their immersive nature, is that you’re sometimes forced to see things in a different way. And in Anti-Gone, that’s what Connor Willumsen does in spades.” — Tom Murphy, Broken Frontier

Check out the whole review here!

3 Out of 5 (+1) Ain’t Bad! Doug Wright Awards Nominations Announced

Posted on Apr 18, 2018 in Blog

The Doug Wright Awards nominations have been announced and Koyama Press titles are well represented! GG’s I’m Not Here, Jesse Jacobs’ Crawl Space, and Connor Willumsen’s Anti-Gone are nominated for the 2018 Doug Wright Best Book Award, which is presented for the best graphic novel book published in Canada (in English). What’s more, Eric Kostiuk Williams’ Condo Heartbreak Disco earned him a nomination for the 2018 Doug Wright Spotlight Award (a.k.a. The Nipper), presented to a Canadian cartoonist (or writer-cartoonist team) deserving of wider recognition. Congratulations to all of the nominees, which can be viewed here!

The Arts Section Interviews Jessica Campbell

Posted on Apr 16, 2018 in Blog

WDCB’s The Arts Section sits down with Jessica Campbell to discuss several projects including her new gallery show, as well as her new book, XTC69. Listen to the whole interview here!

PW Reviews Somnambulance

Posted on Apr 16, 2018 in Blog

Publishers Weekly reviews Fiona Smyth’s “delightful career-spanning omnibus,” Somnambulance.

“This generous collection offers new readers and her fans the case for her inclusion in the feminist art comics canon.” — Publishers Weekly starred review

Check out the full review here!

Comics Workbook Reviews Soft X-Ray / Mindhunters

Posted on Apr 11, 2018 in Blog

Comics Workbook reviews A. Degen’s tremendous tome about “dreams versus reality and the dreams within dreams” Soft X-Ray / Mindhunters.

“Humour and imagination come together to make cotton candy for the eyes. I am seldom let down by an A. Degen book.” — Caleb Orecchio, Comics Workbook

Check out the whole review here!

Publishers Weekly Reviews A Western World

Posted on Apr 10, 2018 in Blog

Publishers Weekly 
reviews Michael DeForge’s “boundary-pushing” comics collection A Western World.

“DeForge has been a darling of the comics community, and, while esoteric, this volume is a showcase of his sui generis talent.” — Publishers Weekly

Read the whole review here!

PW Reviews XTC69

Posted on Apr 9, 2018 in Blog

Publishers Weekly reviews Jessica Campbell’s “cheerful machismo-bashing” XTC69.

“This oddball escapade delights from opening salvo to closing quip.” — Publishers Weekly

Check out the whole review here!

Koyama and Friends: Publishing, Patronage and the New Alternative Press

Posted on Apr 4, 2018 in Blog

Announcing the exhibition Koyama and Friends: Publishing, Patronage and the New Alternative Press running 5 May to 21 October at The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum. This is an exhibition of our fearless leader Annie Koyama’s incredible art collection she has been amassing since 2013 and featuring the work of over forty artists including Lisa Hanawalt, Michael DeForge, Julia Wertz, Kevin Huizenga, Simon Hanselmann, Eleanor Davis, Gabrielle Bell, and Noah Van Sciver. Curated Associate Curator and Assistant Professor Caitling McGurk this exhibition promises to be a snapshot of the most exciting cartoonists working today, and will run through Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, which Annie and Koyama Press will be attending! Check out the whole press release here!

Kickass Annie by Matthew Forsythe.