Journal Reviewed by the Italian Comics Site Fumettologica

Posted on Apr 22, 2014 in News


Julie Delporte’s Journal is reviewed by the Italian comics site Fumettologica. Check out the review (in Italian, or translated via your favourite, somewhat accurate, web-based translator) right here!

Rob Clough Catches Up With Ryan Cecil Smith

Posted on Apr 21, 2014 in News

Ryan Cecil Smith’s variegated comics career is analyzed by Rob Clough including his Koyama Press release S.F. #3.

“The comic is a success in part because of Smith’s kitchen-sink approach, which is part parody of wacky adventure manga but also an understanding that having no limits to the kind of cartooning he can bring to bear on his series only makes it more appealing.” — Rob Clough, High-Low

Check out Clough’s complete catch up here!

Safari Honeymoon Previewed on The New Yorker

Posted on Apr 21, 2014 in News

The New Yorker
’s Françoise Mouly and Mina Kaneko preview Jesse Jacobs’ Safari Honeymoon in an article that could only be called “Eyeball Kicks: A Surreal Safari Honeymoon.” Click here to learn more about Jacobs and to check out an exclusive excerpt from his upcoming book.

Journal Nominated for Expozine Alternative Press Award for Best English Book

Posted on Apr 16, 2014 in News


Julie Delporte’s Journal has been nominated for the Expozine Alternative Press Award for Best English Book. Expozine is Montreal’s premier small press, comic and zine fair and takes place on April 24, 2014. For more details about the awards and Expozine, click here!

Little Tommy Lost: Book One Nominated for an Eisner

Posted on Apr 15, 2014 in News


Cole Closser’s Little Tommy Lost: Book One has been nominated for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Award for Best Publication Design!

Congratulations to Cole and all the other nominees, wh0 can be seen right here!

Safari Honeymoon Reviewed

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Jesse Jacobs’ comic about a newlywed couple’s trippy trip, Safari Honeymoon  is reviewed by John Seven.

“Jesse Jacobs’ work here accentuates everything that comics are great at, and serves as a perfect example of what the comics medium can really achieve that no other medium can in quite the same way.” — John Seven, Damnopedia

Check out the whole review right here!

Cat Person Reviewed by the Nerdist!

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Seo Kim’s endlessly relatable and readable Cat Pers­­­on is reviewed by the Nerdist!

“The illustrations cover a variety of topics including Seo’s cat Jimmy, everyday life situations, and a peek into the amusing aspects of a long distance relationship. You’ll giggle and probably say “D’aww” to yourself more than once.” — Amy Ratcliffe, Nerdist

Read the rest of the review right here!

Ground Control Reviews The Infinite Wait and Other Stories and By This Shall You Know Him

Posted on Apr 11, 2014 in News



Julia Wertz’s The Infinite Wait and Other Stories and Jesse Jacobs‘ By This Shall You Know Him have been reviewed by Ground Control as a part of the music mag’s “I Wanna Be Literated!” feature.

On The Infinite Wait and Other Stories

“It’s clear reading The Infinite Wait that Wertz both accepts the tragedy in her life and fights back with humor. You simply can’t put it down at times and go into withdrawal when it’s over.” — Ollie Ottoman, Ground Control

Read all of the review here!

On By This Shall You Know Him

“I’ve truly never encountered anything like it. It’s both grounded and blows your mind at the same time.” — Ollie Ottoman, Ground Control

Check out the whole review here!

Journal in Glamour Paris

Posted on Apr 10, 2014 in News


The French edition of Julie Delporte’s Journal, published by éditions L’agrume, is one of Glamour Paris’ comics crushes!

Lire en français ici!

Just Indie Comics Koyama Press Roundup

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The Italian comics blog Just Indie Comics continues its special feature on Koyama Press comics this time featuring Very Casual by Michael DeForgeJournal by Julie Delporte, and Little Tommy Lost: Book One by Cole Closser.

Check out the roundup of Koyama Press releases here!