Baby Bjornstrand

By Renee French

Baby Bjornstrand tells the tale of Mickey, Marcel and Cyril and their misadventures with an undeniably adorable, and mysteriously menacing monster. A wasteland becomes fertile ground for fantasy as the book’s graphite grotesqueries are brought to life by French’s adroit hand; her elegant shading seemingly wringing her wondrous worlds out of the page itself.

Renee French has been making comics that revel in the killer side of cute and the horrors that lie within and without since the early 90s. Her past work includes The Ticking (Top Shelf Productions, 2006), Micrographica (Top Shelf Productions, 2007), H Day (PictureBox, 2010), and Hagelbarger and That Nightmare Goat (Yam Books, 2013).

ISBN: 978-1-927668-13-9
$20.00 | OUT OF PRINT
6 ½ x 8, 132 pages, colour, trade paper
September 2014

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