The World of Gloria Badcock

By Maurice Vellekoop

Time travel! Lesbianism! Gay three-ways! Bionic love-machines! Celebrity product endorsement!!! All this and more is found in acclaimed illustrator and author Maurice Vellekoop’s first all-new comic book in more than ten years, The World of Gloria Badcock.

Last seen in 1997’s Vellevision, sexually liberated magazine editrix Gloria Badcock, is making her triumphant return! Join Gloria, her gay best friend, the renowned inventor Dr. Cornelius, his faithful sidekick, five-time Mr. Sweden and Nobel Prize-winning physicist Sven, and a nutty cast of eccentrics in a joyous, guilt-free, surreal, silly, symphonic celebration of sexual freedom and the special friendship that bonds gay men and (mostly) straight women!

ISBN: 978-0-9868739-4-2


7 x 10 inches, 24 pages, b&w, trade paper
May 2011