Rivers Forgotten

By Jeremy Kai

Rivers Forgotten is a journey through the passages and portals of the underground waterways that lie unseen below cities. Self-taught photographer, Jeremy Kai brings these forgotten landscapes to light with his first book.

Beneath the streets of all cities lie networks of hidden water features, like sewers and storm drains, which go unobserved by the general public. Kai’s underground photography explores these buried vistas, as well as the concepts of urban watersheds and the methods in which cities and their populations interact with them. His boundless exploration is matched by his artistic ability, which illuminates the beauty that can be found in the abandoned and unexpected. In Rivers Forgotten Kai – who is often pictured as a lone figure, his face obscured by his brightly shining headlamp – stands as a guide helping to bridge the gap between the known and the forgotten.

ISBN: 978-0-9868739-5-9


8 x 10 inches, 72 pages, colour, trade paper
December 2011