S.F. #3

By Ryan Cecil Smith

Our precocious protagonist, Hupa Dupa’s family is blown up by pirates, so he’s recruited into the Space Fleet Scientific Foundation Special Forces to fight them. The S.F.S.F.S.F. is racing across the stars forming an alliance to win the war against the Pirate Nation. Hupa Dupa is a small kid, but he will “try his best” to “take positive action” in order to help!

Ryan Cecil Smith was born in southern California and currently lives and works in Nishinomiya, Japan. His work is a melange of imagery and style derived from both American and Japanese culture.

ISBN: 978-1-927668-00-9
$10.00 | OUT OF PRINT
7 x 10 inches, 60 pages, b&w, trade paper
November 2013